has been acquired by Help Scout was founded in early 2023 by Thomas Petracco. It was acquired by Help Scout in September 2023. is an AI-powered drafting tool for Help Scout conversations. With the acquisition, Help Scout is proud to offer this feature directly to its customers with a few added benefits. 

  • Best in class support, 24x6
  • Upgraded data security, privacy, and compliance standards
  • Billing directly from Help Scout

It’s worth noting that SupportAgent AI features are not yet HIPAA compliant and are billed as a separate invoice. The Help Scout team is hard at work to fully integrate SupportAgent AI into the business and improve the customer experience.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy is now governed by Help Scout’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This means that any information you may provide through the website or in the course of using the service is handled in accordance with Help Scout’s policies and procedures.